The Polo School at grand Champions...

Photo's by Linda Pacheco

A week long polo summer camp was offered July 17th to July 24th at The Polo School at Grand Champions Polo in Wellington, Florida. The primary focus of The Polo School is to build the next generation of polo players. To secure the future of polo, the next generation needs to understand and appreciate the importance of the equine athlete, this means learning barn management & horsemanship.

Therefore,  In addition to polo,  horsemanship and barn management skills were a central focus. 

The Grand Champions fields were filled with 18 kids ranging in age from 8 to 17. Riding skills  were completed in conjunction with polo drills, followed up by instructional polo practices. 

Highlights included:

An afternoon at the Museum of Polo & Hall of Fame. An informative tour given by Brenda DuPont followed by a scavenge hunt developed by Robin Sanchez.

An in the boardroom experience at Palm Beach Equine with Dr. Darren Templin (vet for the Audi & Piaget polo teams) 

Barn management lessons based on the CHA manual given by:

Robin Sanchez- how to do a polo wrap

Jonny Lavine- the safety knot

Gavin Guinan- how to tack up properly & the emergency dismount

Grant Ganzi - horse rules and reasoning 

Riley Ganzi - ask/tell commands 

Juancito Bollini - proper mounting technique  

Santos Bollini - the four natural aids

Melissa Ganzi- the proper English riding position

And, to top it all off, polo lessons by high goal super stars:

Juan Bollini

Jason Crowder

The end result, some very enthusiastic as well as knowledgable young polo players to secure the future of polo.